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Interactive Digital Art

The Mirage in Time  時光魅影

結合音樂、視覺與科技的互動式數位藝術創作,探討時間、夢、測不準的多重世界,以抽象形式表現─時間如狂亂的紊流,在渾沌與秩序間隨機碎形,層層疊代出超次元的多重宇宙。鏡中的宇宙就像一隻龐大的碎形怪物,不斷地擴大成長,形成充滿隨機性、測不準、荒謬與驚奇的迷幻世界。 iCat 的互動藝術程式、迷離科幻的音樂風格與 Sting 抽象插畫、視覺設計是其特色。

“The Mirage in Time—A Hallucination-like world under the mirror of chaos" (時光魅影—渾沌魔鏡下的迷幻世界)曾入選2002 Asia Digital Art Awards,於日本福岡亞洲美術館展出...
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iCat Fantastic World  夢境中・迷幻的・多重世界

因為「The Mirage in Time」檔案較大,當時(2003年)無法在網站上完整呈現,iCat Fantastic World 截取其中『渾沌魔鏡』和『時光幻想曲』單元,加上新的主畫面,重新組合,是早期 iCat 網站。

現在又加入新的配樂,沈靜而幻夢...《 more 》

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3D Stereogram

OH NO, WHY ME ?   An Irreparable Desperate Shriek

《 看大圖 》

AIDS has been the largest pestilence world. It's an incurable disease. We copy the paint of "Shriek" by Munck to show up the frightness of people to AIDS in the 3-D stereogram.

"An Irreparable Desperate Shriek"
The Munch's original paint named "Shriek" is the fear of a person. Now we copy it to be many person is to indicate that AIDS has ... 《 more 》


《 看大圖 》

Confucius said that" looking for the sex is the natural ability of the human beings". Sex is a touch suitable to the nature. But sometimes, we will be on the way of frightness and death because of AIDS. It will be" An Insecure, Deadly Sex."

"Being A Happy Playboy"
When the sex is naturally happened,don't forget the invisible danger of AIDS. From now on,althought we can't destroy the AIDS, we can make a protection. First, we must prevent the touch with AIDS virus from ourself. And that is the most useful ...《 more 》

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